Why you shouldn’t regret

One of my life motto’s is not to regret anything from your past, after all it is too late to change that decision that once was made. We go through life making mistakes whether it be dropping out of university, saying something you really shouldn’t have or dating the wrong guy – repeatedly. You may look back and wish you could change it all, but unless someone out there is willing to lend you their DeLorean with inbuilt flux capacitor it simply cannot happen.

I try not to let my past mistakes dwell on my mind in a negative manner I like to turn them into a positive, if I didn’t make that mistake I wouldn’t be where or who I am today – I’m quite proud of that person too. All of those mistakes or poor decisions have shaped the path we walk on today, each have turned into a lesson learnt. The best thing to do is to learn from those mistakes, try not to make them again and next time think about the possible consequences before you act.

One of my life mistakes was nearly dropping out of university, I say nearly because the first year advisor I spoke to about dropping out convinced me to defer – thankfully. I had failed two units, had an unsteady job, was in a bad “relationship” and just generally in a negative head space. After a year off  I received a phone call from the university asking if I would like to come back. I was hesitant at first purely out of fear of failure, my loving partner encouraged me to continue my studies – he believed in me and supported me throughout. I finished my studies, made new memories with new friends and most importantly felt that I didn’t give up. The lesson I learnt from this “mistake” was that it is never too late to chase your dreams as long as you don’t give up. Now I no longer fear failure because to fear failure means to not try, these days I like the challenge of stepping into the uncomfortable or unknown.

Comment below with one of your own life lessons that resulted from a mistake and how it has shaped you today.

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